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Installation and Activation Smart IPTV application on Samsung, LG and more

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In order to take advantage of IPTV subscriptions on a Samsung, LG and other Smart TVs, it is generally necessary to use the Smart IPTV application. SMART IPTV is an application giving you access to your live IPTV subscription, including films or series with a unique code. It’s compatible with several supports such as Smart TV SamsungSmart TV LG, IPTV Vision decoders. This application is also available on IPTV boxes from the Play store. The installation method is different on IPTV boxes, but the activation of the subscription and the application remains the same.

Important elegantly, the application alone is not enough to obtain TV channels; you must also have an IPTV subscription

To install the smart IPTV on your smart TV, First of all your television must be connected to the internet.

  • Go to the Smart Hub. For a Samsung TV, (it’s the multicolored key, otherwise the House-shaped key)
  • Then go to the app market. This is the place where you can download lots of apps for your TV.
  • You should find the Smart IPTV application in the most downloaded apps.
  • Click Download
  • Wait a bit then click Install
  • Finally, you can click execute.

Here, you have recovered the application on your Samsung television.

How to activate smart IPTV (SIPTV) on smart TV Samsung, LG and more:

  • Installing the app on your Smart TV
  • Start the SIPTV Application: We start the application and we arrive on the smart IPTV interface, here what interests us for the moment is the mac address of the smart TV.
    enter the address …
  • Synchronize your MAC address with the m3u link on playlist URL.
  • Watch your channels (IPTV playlist)
  • We restart the application.
  • And we arrive on the home page with the list of channels.

Important Point: A lot of readers are mistaken and buy this application thinking that they can access all the channels. This is not the case. This application just allows you to install an IPTV subscription.

Another important point: Choose a VPN with your IPTV; it is essential for your security and respect for your privacy

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